Saturday, February 06, 2010

Off to See the Wizard

Ah, Kookaburras have returned!

As I write, they argue in the gum trees next door. Not too raucous for a change. Building construction in the neighbourhood has seemed to limit their visits to our corner of their territory; but, this morning they greeted the cloud cover moving in from off the coast. Must be some food in the area, most of which was also frightened away by all the big machinery and noisy power tools.

Today we head to the Farmer's Market for newly baked bread and a few avocado and then scurry north to the hinterland near Montville to visit with friends who have recently fled the city for more rural environs. They are building a home and studio on a few hectares of land. Looking forward to a glass of wine, some superb green curry, and yummy fresh garlic bread.

Catch up with ya'll in a few days.