Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not til May

For some reason, just thinking of writing this post has been most difficult.

I have started a dozen times since Monday to jot a quick note to report on the appt. with the Aussie surgeon. Just couldn't make myself do it. However, taxes need doing today and writing this post must come first so that I can concentrate on the Business At Hand, if you know what I mean.

So - May 11 while under local anesthesia I will lie on an operating table while an astute, well practiced surgeon saws off the end of half of my femur and tibia before he covers the cuts with titanium and inserts a high molecular weight polyethylene pad in between.

Now, that's the hopeful prognosis. The less positive version severs my ACL and and cuts off the entire end of my right femur and tibia. Titanium gets glued or grown into the bone tissue that's left.

The next two months as well as the previous 69 years of wear and tear on my right knee determine the health of my knee. If the outside portion is in 'good' shape, it can stay; otherwise it, too, must be sacrificed.

I so want to trek again - to wander 23 kilometers from Binna Burra Lodge to the edge of the Great Dividing Range and look down on New South Wales. I am determined to backpack through Desolation Wilderness into Evolution Valley, to show my favourite place on the planet to the Aussie.

Otherwise, I'd just keep on, keeping on! A little ibprophin at bedtime, limiting my walking to two kilometers three times a week..urgh! boring!!

The surgeon warns me that I will probably not be able to accomplish my goals, but I intend to head in that direction, to heist the forty pounds of backpack onto my shoulders and hips and head out over the front range of the Sierras one or seven more times in this life.

Cross Country skiing awaits me in a northern hemisphere winter. Currently, I can only go several kilometers before having to turn back to the warm fire of the lodge. I want an entire day or at the very least an afternoon of skiing before heading home to warm soup and a hot toddy.

All of which means that I must lose another twenty pounds in the next two months..doable! And exercise like a banshee in order to strengthen muscles and mind in readiness.

Only the future lies ahead! No turning back