Monday, February 22, 2010

D-Day - Visiting the Orthopedic Surgeon

They (health professionals in the media) keep saying, 'Don't live with pain - operate.'

I do realize this means more money coming into the system. Surgeons seldom say, 'Oh, no, you don't need surgery. Let's not operate today.'

More often they are apt to convince you that you really do need to go under the knife, although today that's more likely to be pronounced 'under the lazer'.

My Australian orthopedic surgeon, however, commented, 'If you lived in another country, you would just learn to live with this pain and get on with it.'

My response, 'Yep, doctor, but I live here and you are an expert, and my knee pain is limiting my quality of life as well as my ability to plan for the future. I figure that without exercise, my longevity is probably cut in half.'

'Well,' comments the doctor, ' I think we can do a half knee reconstruction. That means we can leave you with an ACL intact.'

'Ok, See you in a year when we get back from our current round of 'gray nomadism.'

And so, here I am. The day has arrived. Let's move this process forward. Cut and paste if you will. Give me half a knee's worth of stainless titanium and plastic. Then, watch out. Nepal, here I come! Trekking days begin again.