Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Where did I go?

The New Year really didn't find me falling into the 'rabbit hole'.

There are two blogs for which I am responsible. Actually there are four blogs to which I contribute. Some days I find it easy to write for all four. Often, I only manage one.

If you don't find a post here, you might try Prairie School of the Arts. The addy is in the right hand side column if you want to read those posts.

Misty morning here in Oz - cool respite after a scorcher yesterday. Spent the afternoon down at Morton Bay in convo with a dear Aussie friend. We managed in five hours to cover topics from the breadth of Wikipedia.

Recovery time: have to digest all that info and see where it fits into the next volume of short stories under way.

A writer's life is the life for me! Am loving every moment of it.

The Aussie is in healing mode! Three more weeks of being tied to the sling around his left right arm.

Movie today; something about 'Morgans'.