Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vanity, Vanity!

I've always promised myself that I would never go under the knife for vanity's sake.

However, in March, I'll undergo a partial knee replacement; tisn't about vanity. 'Tis about backpacking! I need to see Evolution Valley one more time!

But, this morning, I did something else I swore I'd never do in the name of vanity. I spent $99.97 for one ounce of cream that is supposed to protect the skin on my face, cancel a few wrinkles, tighten up the jaw line. Course you know I'll use it in my cleavage, too! Vanity!!

What possible difference does it make that old faces are creased and sagging? Beautiful still? Yeah, if folks smile, the creases just add character. My experience, however, is not about smiling, but about applying make up every morning because I just don't like the texture of my skin as I grow older. Sigh! I've acclimitised to my saggy cheeks, to the loose skin below my eyes, but not to the texture of my skin..if only I had a beard.

I understand that men with more facial hair follicles, thus more oil glands, have smoother, finer skin than most of us northern European skinned women. Never thought I'd be hungering after a moustache!!

Click the title to this entry for the web site on the product.
I'll post about whether I notice any difference at all in the next few weeks.