Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday in the Garden

Yep, lovely sunny summer morning - trash man woke me at 7:30, late for the Brizzie pick-up in my neighbourhood. Usually clangs the cans around 5:55.

Mozzies active last night. Last rain showers were four days ago. That must be gestation period for pesky blood sucking insects. They swarmed last night. My trusty and a tad rusty fan at the foot of the bed blew them away most of the night, though! Hooray for electrical connections.

The Aussie, still recovering from shoulder surgery is sleeping in the extra bedroom; and the mozzies thought they were the honoured guests! Don't think he slept much last night. His choice - fight with the mozzies or sit up all night protecting his shoulder from a sleeping bedmate. He made the right choice - At least I didn't have to wake up feeling guilty for injuring the already injured.

Spent half an hour watering the front garden this morning- unheard of endeavour. I never pull weeds before drinking coffee!

The three weeks of rather constant rain showers have an amazing payoff. Seeds are sprouting in every cranny. Some are pesky, some will provide lovely colour.

Fingers in the soil, a sensuous way to start the day -