Sunday, January 24, 2010

'GREEN' House takes on new meaning

So many projects; so little time!

Retirement isn't retiring - having no regular workday just opens up hours to contemplate and then begin myriad projects that have been simmering in the back of fertile minds.

Latest project: fix up the Paddington abode (fill in gaps in ceiling, paint, finish off corners and doorways, rebuild pool, trim garden) in preparation for leaving it behind.

Next project: Find acreage in Tasmania with all-season stream or river frontage on which to build a 'green' home. We have found plans for a small (less than 1000 sq. ft.) cottage built with concrete infested wood blocks. Check on the title of this post for the web page. We want off the grid - water and solar and wind generated electricity, reverse osmosis for our own water supply. Can't you just see it? I'm gonna garden and get Marcia to teach me how to 'can'.

Ongoing project: complete renovations in Nordacotah house; new stairwell, back and side verandas, finish upstairs with cathedral windows looking out over the prairie so we have a home on the north side of the equator.

Ah, I think we need another thirty years for all of this! Guess we'll just have to stay healthy. Maybe life really does begin at 60 - everything before that was preparation!

Oh, the other ongoing project is finding a publisher for DAS BOOK whose American working title is now Across the Equator: Almost Parallel Tales of Love and Adventure.