Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday in Oz

Quiet day except for the house renos going on down the street and around the corner. Nail guns and lawn mowers - summer sounds.

Was going to see Avatar this evening, but changed my mind - Friday evening in the middle of Brisbane's entertainment centre is not my comfort zone.

Will catch the movie (3D glasses attached) around noon on a week day - lets me stretch out in the theatre for that long long sit! Better be more engaging than Titanic.

Can you tell that I think Cameron is a self indulgent buffoon?

Some film makers forget that there is an audience involved in the process - that the idea is to CONNECT! I suspect Cameron not only forgot about the folks in the auditorium - He never knew we were there in the first place.

I'm one of those folks who believe that less is more! Give me the option of figuring it out for myself - allow my imagination to function - baby food is for the young at heart and the very old without teeth. Give me something to chew on, to nibble or knaw.

I know, I know - here I rant without ever having seen the movie. More after I do. Sam and Signoury are two of my favs.