Tuesday, January 26, 2010

According to Freud

'According to Freud, not a single molecule of experience is squandered. It all goes back into circulation, which means that the past never ends, never recedes, but continues to play onstage while your life extends in front of it like an ever-lengthening proscenium. And since nothing is lost, nothing is meaningless.'
(James Marcus, Faint Music, The Best American Essays 2009)

My latest manuscript, the one I'm supposed to be composing right now while I'm typing this out for ya'll, is therefore worth the effort. Holidays; One Child's Misery Begets Another's documents the experiences of one WW2 pre-boomer as she attempts to mitigate the effects of her early childhood experiences on her own mothering.

See ya later; I'm off to relate the first remembered Christmas.