Thursday, December 10, 2009

Exercises - avoidance - two blogs for the price of one

Ok, I may as well confess or at the very least explain.

Transition, a two week process this time. We arrived back in Oz about a week ago. The Australian will have surgery on his right shoulder to repair a severed tendon next Wednesday. Brisbane is excessively warm, daylight hours make up about 18 of every 24. Friends are in the throes of change - change that calls for support, good listening, and availability, but change that creates a certain amount of leaky margin penetration. I can't listen without reflecting. At the same time I am NOT at liberty to share the topics of the listening nor of the reflecting.

So, rather than NOT write, I have turned to a book of writing exercises by Brian Kitely who teaches creative writing at the University of Denver. I'm rather sure that Kitely didn't mean for his exercise book to function as a release of transitional tension, but indeed it works particulary well in this role.

At the same time, I have always been and forever will be a person who refuses to follow directions - preferring to find my own. At the same time, the ambiance surrounding me right now includes two males who resolutely refuse to do life according to directions :) And, I don't want to be like them. Integrity requires that I act differently than those whom I tend to criticize. The fellow with the separated tendon is NOT one of the two.

So, with two blogs to fill - I do feel a strong affiliations with The Prairie School of the Arts and intend to resume the writing process in Flaxton when we return in June, I am alternating the publishing of my assignments between Kookaburra and Prairie School.

Furthermore, I am busily procrastinating about both. That means I am doing more than the usual number of soduku, reading Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver on my Kindle, reading 2009 American Best Essays, playing solitaire on the computer, and generally avoiding going out into the garden to gather palm nuts that litter the soil and the flagstones.

Assuming that all that is clear and since I have done the research required for exercise 3 in The 4 a.m. Breakthrough, I will attempt to write the passage required which will be published on the Prairie School blogsite.

Happy shopping, possums..