Monday, November 09, 2009

Yea! for Health System Reform - House vote

If you feel as good about the House of Representatives vote last night as I do, you may wish to jot your local paper a letter to the editor.

What better way to offset the work of militant Republicans who want to kill legislation to make sure that American citizens are treated as well by the medical profession and by corporate medical insurance companies as their pets have been treated for the past twenty five years?

Yep, finally Americans almost have a chance of getting the same level of service as their pets for a cost that will not force them to choose between living with a limp or mortgaging their home.

Just drag your icon to the bookmark of your local paper and jot a note to the editor telling him/her of your support for this legislation.

It will do more to support positive change than the $5 the Democrats are asking us to donate. Taking the time is not for you now - It is for your children and grandchildren for the next twenty years.

Do it! Click on your bookmark for your local paper. Write!! Hit send!!

love you all, hope you really do take action.