Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Must be hungry.

My mind immediately did a click on turkey. (And all the trimmings).

Holiday spirit was the next connection (Trim the tree, the house, the front door)

Third was my fringe (Australian) that would be my 'bangs' (American). I had straight edged them after brushing the hair out of my eyes seven times too often. Had a trim at the local hair dressers in Lignite on Friday. Not precisely Tony and Guy, but you can tell the hairdo from the eyebrows now.

The real reason, I titled this entry Trimming lies in my work for the past several hours. I so want to find an American literary agent before heading back to the southern hemisphere in two weeks. In that pursuit, I spent from 7:30-1:30 today rewriting (trimming) and sending out a whole slew of new book proposals. Right now, the ration of rejections to invitations to send our manuscript on to an agent is 14/1.

Whenever a rejection comes into my snail or e mail box, I find another agent to whom I can send a new book proposal. As you might imagine after spending several days on this process, my book proposals are reaching new heights of perfection. Never perfect, tho. I suspect the process will undergo continuing change until we finally find someone who loves our work as much as we loved writing it and decides to accept the responsibility of helping us find a publisher.

Cross your fingers, send out your blasts, think good thoughts. And thanks ahead of time. As I've mentioned before, I'll let you know when success is ours. Probably you'll hear me in the middle of your dreams one night..check back here if you do. I do have that sort of connection!!

love to all..