Sunday, November 22, 2009

Travel -haitus

I’ve sent a couple of book proposals/QUERY letters to American literary agents lately on behalf of Kookaburra Serenade: Almost Parallel Tales. On the emails I sent this week, I included reference to American in Oz. Suddenly it occurred to me that I really ought to write about writing just in case one of those agents decides to check us out. Notice I use the plural, (us, we). This blog wouldn’t exist if there were no readers. Long ago I would have lost my appetite for writing to empty cyberspace.

However, these days when I am drifting off to sleep I often find myself concocting a blog entry for the next day. Readers have become an integral part of life on the prairie. I suppose that syndicated journalists feel similarly – that’s not to imply that my short and simple entries compare to the columns of daily newspapers.

Living in a tiny community (population 77) in a state with a population small enough that we have only one member in the Federal House of Representatives reminds me that any audience is better than none at all – probably the reason most of us seek publication by the traditional media.

The Burke County Tribune
, our local weekly rag, has several regular columnists, one of whom, Josh Ellis, is published only every other week. I do miss his column in the off-week. I suspect that regular readers feel the same way when they stop in here to find that I have failed to post for a particular day. Not too much hubris in that comment.

And so it seems wise to share that ‘we’ will be travelling. On Monday we fly. It is possible that there will be a week with no entries as we arrive in Oz eight days later. Long flight!

I promise that as soon as I can turn on the BIG MAC in Paddington, I will be seeking your readership once again – hopefully with scads of travel humour at the expense of the tall guy who used to carry my bags – but won’t be this trip because as you may recall from previous entires, he has the use of only one shoulder. Won’t be crying on that one!