Monday, November 02, 2009

Someone from Munster Stopped by

Humm..and the next time I hope they leave a little cheese! A fav of mine.

Was just reading how to maximize my blog impact. Pictures - well..check me out just below the list of my fav web sites and blogs...The plaids actually film well and when I wear that kind of stuff at my cabin in the mountains, I am happy - happy to be there, happy to be with whomever chooses to join me there, happy to be among the bear, deer, mountain lions, swiftly swirling streams, tall pines and firs; Just plain please take note: Happy Shot!!

Not much to report - temps almost reached 50F (10C) this afternoon. I worked on the merlot trim around the back door and then came back in to send off myriad book proposal submissions.

Time to work on a few more..and soon, very soon, I will have exhausted my list and I will actually write a blog entry worth your time; a creative piece on something no onne else may think is important, but an idea that has been simmering behind my eyes for a few days.

check back! on the title to this blog and see a yummy sauerkraut tart with munster.