Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On Line Maps - whose directions are you following?

New York Times this morning has an article on Google and other map sites.

Damn, who's mapping India, Cambodia and Vietnam, not the spots most of us visit every day, but certainly if we were to head towards the equator, spots we would love to have mapped for us ahead of time so that our Garmin, Tom Tom, or Navigator would find the right rice or noodle shop.

Geo volunteers says the NY Times!

So, next time the nasty little man or snarky woman's voice tells you 'where to go' and is wrong, you can blame the volunteer! I know, I know, usually the machine is right; but I have been taken far afield many a time by our Tom Tom that is correct 98% of the time. Guess, I'm just naturally argumentative. If there isn't a human being around to contend with, I turn to machines. Shrug! Least ways, no one's feelings are hurt :)

I remember my uber traveller friend who returned from Lithuania with stories of hiring guides in order to travel the back country. No maps, no road signs - designed to keep foreign invaders confused. No more!

Take a look at the article by clicking on today's blog title. You may be surprised.