Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to my nephew, Ryan

Ryan is one of those very tall, very atheletic, compassionate, fire fighter blokes. He is married to one patient woman with whom he has just birthed a lovely baby girl. Ryan has a facebook page. Sometimes, I think he has this page just so that he can share photos of his lovely little girl. He obviously loves her and doesn't mind the world knowing that fact.

His birthday is this week and I thought a gift to this exceptional young man might be to send him a recent article from the Brisbane Courier Mail about how important dads are in the lives of their chidren, like he didn't already know. Still, it helps to be assured that the so-called experts agree with one's life plans.

The title of the article is Dads Give Babies Headstart. The contents which you can read by clicking on the blog title above, indicate that kids do better in school if dad has been involved in their lives from the beginning, that girls have better mental healh when they reach adulthood if they have lived with a dad who actively participated in their rearing, that all children have better language acquisition if dads are involved in their lives from day one.

What more could any child ask?

So, happy birthday, Ryan. I am jazzed about your involvement in your daughter's life!