Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Biblical Marriage

Landover Baptist Church has done it again. Mrs. Betty Bowers, a better Christian than you’ll ever be, has once more satirized the Christian Right.

With just the right tone, not too proper and totally sincere, Betty uses the Old Testament to vilify those who believe that they have the responsibility to tell the rest of us how to be in relationship.

For a good giggle and a rather well researched commentary on Old Testament marriage arrangements check out this site:

If you are offended, consider the topics I might have blogged about this morning – The Australian Senator who has taken Scientology to task for slavery and illegal incarceration, for instance. You can find that story on the Brisbane Courier Mail website.

Yes, this is a left-handed reference. Scientology has a reputation for lambasting its critics on line by interfering with their ability to post. I like my blog site and prefer to avoid cyber attacks