Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who over reacted to soon?

Like anyone who knows me would have trouble coming up with that answer!

The Aussie visited with Dr. Ackerman at the bone clinic this morning. No rush home says the doc. Take your time. Two weeks or two months - makes no difference.

So, we have time. And depending on the insurance company decisions, we'll probably take some of that time to hook up the furnace here in the prairie house and if the weather cooperates add a little more paint..the kitchen window is not yet merlot..and if you take a look at the pics on the side bar, you'll notice that the surfeit just beyond the bay windows needs some paint, too. Trim around the basement stair's window and the back door are unfinished - primed but not merlot yet.

Relief was tangible after the tall guy came out of the drs. office.

Bass Street may have to suffer another few weeks without our occupation of the front bedroom in numero uno.

Time to jot a few emails to significant folks to let them know the haps.

Talk more laters..