Monday, October 19, 2009


An orange aura surrounded the sun this morning as it lifted above the cloud bank on the south-eastern horizon. Both the Aussie bloke and his American wife smiled at the thought of another perfect autumn day on the prairie.

Yesterday, neighbours stopped by to talk when they saw us out painting the last of the merlot trim on the street side of the house.

'Ah, the weather gods stole two weeks of this weather from us,'lamented Calvin, a retired farmer who now lives down the street. His reference, of course, was to the previous ten days of freezing rain, snow, and cloud cover, un-natural in this corner of the prairie so early in the season.

I admit that the ice covering tiny twigs and huge limbs of the trees in the front garden sparkled for an entire day before melting onto the sunroof of the Cherokee. It was a grand sight, but one we might have appreciated more in the middle of November instead of in October.

There is a sadness mixed in with our delight at 'good' weather on this Sunday. We will in all liklihood be leaving for Australia in the forthcoming week. The Aussie's accidental fall has taken a toll neither of us thought possible.

The results of Friday's MRI will be sent to the physician's assistant who is our only health contact here in this medical wilderness on Tuesday morning. Those same results will be forwarded on to the Australian travel insurance company who will be making arrangements, if there is a torn tendon involved, to medivac the tall Aussie dude to Brisbane for surgery.

We will miss the blooming daffodils and tulips I planted yesterday. But, we will return, probably in late June to actually install the furnace currently sitting in its box in the garage and we may choose to stay a long while to begin the renovations of the inside of the little prairie house we have come to love.