Saturday, October 10, 2009

Swirling Snow

Yep! Woke to swirling yellow leaves from the almost naked tree on our front lawn mixed with snow fluries. Outside my window the flakes are huge white conglomerations of cold dancing on the northwest wind, sometimes catching the still green lilac leaves, sometimes forming a damn of white along the bottom of the pane of glass on our new bay windows. (Yes, many thanks to the Aussie who installed those windows just in the nick of time!)

This is an autumn storm with the almost 11 o'clock sun trying diligently to break through the cloud bank. One can almost see the glowing spere hidden behind the curtain of grey, almost!

Temps outside hover around 20 - as cold as it ever was in our winter sojourn last year in the Sierras of California. But, that 20F was as cold as it got. Here in the Dakotas 20F (-6C) is just the beginning, the autumnal; here -40F (-40C) is what we can expect before we board our flight in February for a late summer journey to the southern hemisphere.

Time to prepare for installation of the travelling furnace - tear out the old to make way for the new.