Thursday, October 15, 2009

Power cords and Achilles

Some folks are more powerful than they have any right to be. More adept and balanced, more logical and successful in all endeavours.

Some folks are so technically proficient that many of us simply stand back 'in awe'.

Some folks (well, all folks) eventually have a comeuppance.

The rest of us stand back, suppress a tiny smile and at the same time twinge with regret.

The Greeks gave us the metaphorical model. (Hector and Achilles, for instance) Each of us in some small way follows the track right on down to the final foible.

The tall Aussie bloke tripped over a power cord yesterday.

Today, the doctor issued a referral for an MRI. Seems shoulder damage is certain.

We may be southern hemisphere bound sooner than we thought.

Please do send him all your reiki energy to heal not only the psyche, but the physical injury as well.