Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday morning

Sun tried really hard to break through this morning. I could feel the effort, the blasts of warmth slowly penetrating the ether even before I rose from my bed.

Still, the blanket of clouds withstood the onslaught; the morning was stagnant with cool - temps hovering near 40 (5C).

This afternoon after my stroll to the post office to mail another five or six book proposals to American agents, the sun is once again on the offensive - feels good as it streams through my bay window - a picture of which is on the sidebar today.

Weather is what life is all about here on the prairie. I suppose the weather is what it's all about in all extreme climates. In the cities where air conditioning and storm shutters abound, no one is much concerned with what weather is out there unless, of course, flooded streets and tracks make it impossible to get to the high rises and malls to work and shop. Then even in urban ares weather talk abounds.