Sunday, October 25, 2009

Heavy Lifting and furnace removal

Ah, my dear friends...

First off, nope; I'm not doing the heavy lifting by myself..

When you don't have ALL of an Aussie bloke, you must make do with half an Aussie bloke - and wonderment of wonderments..half of one of these men is more than all of most!

Together we lifted the heavy stuff onto the pick-up truck bed and off again. All he couldn't do is 'throw'.

But what he can do is organize and problem solve - which means he figured out ways to use my rather limited strength to balance his enormous left handed strength to get the stuff off the ground and onto the bed of the pick-up (ute).

The furnace had been dismantled and taken up the stairs from the basement before he fell and severed the tendon in his right shoulder. It had been sitting in the side yard waiting to be removed to the town dump. (btw, the cost for putting the entire furnace in the dump was $5.)

The heaviest item was the old 'trash burning stove' that had been sitting in the basement, probably ever since the house had been moved in from the prairie about fifty years ago.

And just to make the world work even better, yesterday was one of those amazing prairie Indian Summer days with temps hovering just above 60F (10C) and sunshine with only a minimum of breeze.

I primed the rest of the house with white and then when it dried applied the second grey coat. It looks 'almost finished' if the sun can't much tell in the rainy day cloud cover light, so I won't bother with pics right now.

All that is needed to finish off the outside is the red trim around the bay windows and along the facia board just below the roof. The winter can storm itself silly now, and the little prairie house will withstand!! No matter whether we are here to protect it or not.

Feels so good to have done this work - my right shoulder complains, but I just whisper that good work sometimes produces good pain - so get over it!! :)

Look beside the post - I have added some pics of the inside of our rather crowded living/sleeping/dining room with our new rocking chair right in the middle of everything.

We do need to finish off the upstairs so that the bed can be moved there!!