Friday, October 09, 2009

Canada, Oh, Canada!

Estavan is a small oil town in Saskatchawan just across the border from my neighborhood. Emily is a stalwart Aussiette come to visit the border country. Today we headed north to treat her to Vietnamese. Just love that food. Satay today - rice paper rolls tomorrow.

Well, not really! Because some of us are NOT American citizens, but Aussie-American reisdents; we can't cross what used to be a mythological border any time we want to in order to enjoy a Canadian version of south Asian food.

We did go grocery shopping and checked out the local 'huge' hardware outlet - not as large as Menards in Minot - like any of you know what I'm 'on' about.

You see, the only large North Dakota town with warehouse hardware is Minot, 80 miles east. Estevan is only 35 miles north of us: so, if we cut off that additional 80 miles (round trip) to buy needed supplies to renovate this cute cottage, it would not only save on gasoline, but also on time and energy.

Besides, in Canada we can stop in for Vietnamese. The food in Minot is military mundane!

That reminds me - On the way to the border, we passed a missle silo replete with long black Suburban and a Hummer, flak jacketed, helmeted soldiers standing guard and two semi's parked inside the fenced perimeter! Jokes all round about just how seriously the military takes itself these days.