Thursday, October 08, 2009

Blustery and Cold

Woke this morning to what protends to be the real start of autumn here in our corner of paradise. Cold and colder! Tonight the power will be off from midnight to six a.m. so that Dakota/Montana Power Company can maintain their lines. Means our upstairs guest will have to find another way to entertain herself in the early morning hours.

Our prairie friend who summoned us here and with whom we will be in frequent contact via email and phone, fled early this morning back to Tucson where it's warmer and more sunny.

Speaking of which, the golden orb is valiently attempting to break through the cloud cover and warm this windy space in which we have chosen to spend early winter.

BTW, our furnace is happily enroute - last check into the online tracking system finds its hundred pounds of warming potential in Georgia, a few hundred miles north of Orlando where it originated.

We are assured that it will reach us next Tuesday! Hooray!! In the meantime we have a couple of small space heaters and lots of quilts to keep the cool at bay.

From my perch in the lounge room, through the newly installed double paned windows, I can see a small patch of blue moving swiftly across the skies behind the deciduous trees that have not yet lost leaves. If the 20 mph breeze would settle, it would almost be a balmy 40 degrees outside!!

Enough whinging! All is well.