Saturday, October 24, 2009

53 F and Sunny! - Lovely Autumn weather

Ok, so here we are - waiting for the doctors and the insurance company to come to agreement about treatment! Urgh!!

In the meantime, yesterday we loaded and dumped three pick ups full of trash from the basement. The city dump is beginning to look a bit more like the Lind House trash dump. The old furnace was a big part of the last load we delivered. The first two were full of household bills from the 1950s and a 1928 letter from the Senate to Agnes Lind. Old boards, picture frames, rotten wood, and various other non-notables went dumpward.

Today, it will be paint time. If we can finish the base coat on the bay window section of the house, it will be winterized sufficiently to withstand whatever mother nature sends.

Tomorrow we expect cold rain - a good time to be indoors baking bread or reading my new kindle.