Monday, October 05, 2009

45 Degrees - Time to replace the windows!

Yep! It's Sunday, bloody cold Sunday.

As I sit here typing with down booties on my feet, stocking cap on my curly head, fleece jacket zipped up, woolie scarf wrapped round my neck, rings removed and put away for safe keeping, the Aussie bloke is sawing, hacking, screwing, planing, and othewise busy removing one of the three bay windows of our 'lounge room' so that he can install a brand new, energy efficient, argon filled double paned window. In order NOT to spend a ransom to purchase these new windows, we decided to buy standard sized windows to go into a non-standard size window space.

Yeah, you understand! That means he must make the window opening about two inches larger than it already is. Takes time if you are a perfectionist; and he is!

So, he's inside-outside figuring, fidgeting, bloke-handling a whole lot of old cedar and pine while I sit here about ten feet away with a toasty space heater aimed at my ankles typing this description to you. He hums as he works. I smile, understanding that the hum means he's problem solving; his favourite preoccupation.

I ought to head out to the front of the house and finish off the six inches of brick red trim on the picture window, but I think it can wait til tomorrow - only a 20% chance of precipitation - better known as sleet in these parts.

If you are interested in the technical issues surrounding installing energy efficient windows, click on the title to this post. A web page awaits you with reams of detail.