Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two blogs for the price of one

Can you believe it - two blogs, I've taken on the responsibility for two.

The teacher has left the classroom, but the tendency to share new information and clues about how to 'write' more regularly is still a major part of my psyche. I note, however, that adults really hate to be told what to do. I know, I know..neither do their children or grand children.

I just stopped in to check out the real life feedjit portion of this blog. So far, almost 5000 folks have at one time or another chosen to read a portion of what I go on about. Makes my heart sing.

I would have told you that although I may be a prima dona, I'm not interested in being in the spotlight - blinding, simply blinding. However, here I am bragging about the fact that a few folks have chosen to read these few words; some folks come back repeatedly - I guess I have Upland in mind, although there are an awful lot of Brisbanites stopping in these days..thank you very much for taking a moment to listen to my rant about renovation.

Today is a rest day. Yesterday I applied the primer to my scraped west wall. Carpel tunnel - NO, not quite, but my right wrist and shoulder blade know they have had a workout.

Any of you who have painted raw wood know the struggle involved when the paint keeps seeping into the grain. However, even though it is a white wall of chamfers now, it is quite ready for the lovely grey to follow tomorrow.

Today is a teepee ring day down on the Missouri River - yes, time for some R&R. The Aussie has driven into Minot to pick up some new sanding discs for the tip tops of the house. The women of the prairie will pick me up before noon for a wonderful journey into the indigenous history of this lovely place. I'll share about that journey on the morrow.

Here's wishes for a delightful week end for each of you from the prosperous prairie.