Wednesday, September 09, 2009

So, what's with the pics of some silly ole house in nordacotah

I have had several folks ask for pics of the process of renovating this little house for which we paid a very small price in order to have a base in nordamerika when we leave the southern hemisphere to travel in the great not so white north.

The pics are my attempt to chronical this process. More to come on future dates.

Tonight will be our first overnight in the house. We have cordoned off the upstairs; too much raccoon fragrance still up there. Much work to do with the space between upstairs floor boards and downstairs ceiling filled with insulation used for nesting purposes by the wild critturs for the past few years.

We cleaned it up - sparkling, but still smelly. Probably we will work on that process next year when we put in the cathedral windows facing the summer's northern lights.

G just completed the frame for our queen size bed which is located in the south end of the living room opposite the new fouton couch on the north wall of the same room. He also created a shower where there was not one - so that we can bask in the 'rain'. Neither of us is a tub 'sitter'

So, tonight is the first of many in which we celebrate our prairie life. The local cafe and the local bank may have closed, but in all ways this property is open for business - thinking seriously of opening an espresso shop out on Highway 5 at the doors to Flaxton. No dearth of plans in this corner of the universe.

Hope the same is true for all of you..

Farewell from a rainy sky which stretches forever in this world.