Sunday, September 13, 2009

Raising the House: easier than raising the children ;)

Here I sit working on the flyer for our Harvesting the Memories workshop on writing the memoir when suddenly the floor beneath me shivers, then shudders.

The Aussie is downstairs playing with his tinker-toy - a house jack that lifts 20 ton.


He tells me he raises each section of the house by 1/4 inch, is that 1 centimeter? then moves on to another section, raises it the same distance, goes on to a third section and then back to the first to raise another 1/4 inch. Eventually that whole section of the house is raised 4 inches!! double yikes!

What happens to the plumbing and the wiring? Hopefully, it handles the change cause otherwise we are outta luck for a few days while repairs are made.

The main 30' x 20' section of the house seems to be even on its foundation. The kitchen, an add on, however, has slipped deeper into the earth and needs to be raised 4 inches.

Spills on the stove head right for the north-west corner of the appliance as does the water spilled out of the sink.

I know you were just dying to know all of this...speaking of BORING - a topic heading last night that deeply offended the locals. Sigh! We do love our home turf, we humans. Only the born here locals are allowed to be critical.

Which reminds me that I reconnected with the Cubans who moved to Flaxton from Miami at the same time that G and I relocated from Australia. They were having a garage sale today - selling an old but small round dining room table, one of which was absent here in our home! We traded - my $130 for their table and four chairs - made in Malaysia in 1997.

The world really is one huge community. We southern hemisphere Asian-Australians are now in possession of a product made close to home, a deed made possible by a famly who emigrated from Cuba to Miami in 1985 and then on to Flaxton.

Maeia and I will have tea one day next week - hopefully, to celebrate our sense of being in a new community! After all, we need to support one another in the acclimatizataion.