Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rainy day - Harvest finished at midnight

Rainy morning: Rushed over to Bowbells to put advert for Harvesting Memories in the Burke County Tribune. Nothing like driving on a two lane prairie highway in the rain with massive double oil tankers coming in the opposite direction. The second it takes for their road mist to pass my windshield feels more like ten minute. Steer straight!

A rain forecast on the prarie this time of year is impetus to hard work. For us here in town, it means paint, paint, paint. Get the wall covered with the second coat before the weather arrives.

However, it is my neighbor and benefactor, Chris, for whom it means more. As he rounded the garage to see how my painting was going on Sunday morning, he proclaimed, 'Yep, worked til midnight last night. Finished the harvest at Sorenson's. The others worked another hour, but without me. I was ready to collapse. Gonna finish my laundry and spend the rest of the day watchin' football.'

'Well, Chris, You deserve a day of rest, hope your team wins,' I commented as he headed to put clothes in the dryer.'

'Doesn't matter who wins; I'm just going to relax.'

I reached back into the bucket with my 4inch paint brush and shifted to a lower spot on the chamfers to tuck paint into the grooves made by the electric sander. Weather won't get that spot, thought I. 4:30, I washed the brush, grabbed my digital and took two photos of the finished work. Not a bad day's work whispered my right shoulder, looking forward to the rain and a day of rest of its own.