Sunday, September 20, 2009

Paint sandwich - prairie echinacea filling

Picture today is of a prairie sunflower. They don't look this way anymore!

To everything there is a season - and sunflowers are an everything! The fields no longer glow - acres and acres of lovely blossoms bow their heads waiting for the harvest - the guillotine combining multiple seeds into the hopper and on to grain bins awaiting the right price in Chicago.

In the meantime, autumn advances - I know that summer does not officially end in the northern hemisphere for another two days and the heat seems summery here in nordacotah. However, snow is on the psychic horizon - just waiting for the unprepared.

So, Thursday and Saturday, I painted the east outside wall of the soon when I have before and after to share. The primer is completly applied. Tomorrow is 'grey' unless it rains. Then the wicked rest - me.

Cause yesterday, I travelled to Lund's Landing on Lake Sacajawea for lunch with the prairie women. This spot seemed suburban rather than rural; I enjoyed succulent buffalo burgers and rubarb pie! My FAV!! Lemonade to make my heart sing and my palate wince - the very best!! No one makes lemonade from scratch like the Americans - no one.

And then, Sharon, a chiropracter of many talents took us to her childhood home to bask on the top of a plateau of non plowed prairie where teepee rings clearly marked the homes of indigenous peoples of some former time.

A spiritual connection shimmered between the ever present wind winnowing the grass and sage seedlets and the drumming of planetary variety provided by Anne, a friend of Sharon's from Williston who collects drums from around the globe.

We six walked among the aimlessly sprinkled dry cow pies and marveled at the valley below, the green tree filled, stream fed lowlands where the White Valley River wends its way through the canyon on its way to the Missouri.

And then, on the way home, Sharon shared her sister Donna - an artist of considerable talents - not only does she gather eggs from her hens which she gives away to strangers, but she creates booklets of humourous praise as a birthday gift to her hubby.

Prairie life! These are moments I treasure.