Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Furniture arrived today!

I am so comfy as I write today! At 4:45 this afternoon, a new couch (fouton fold out with elk, leaves, canoes, and bear stanchly parading across the fabric) arrived. Here I sit on the plushy 12 inch thick fouton in 'couch mode'. Glorious, just glorious! A new lamp table that is really an old trunk sits beside me. The amazing Aussie bloke crawled under the house about 15 minutes ago to do the wiring/plumbing for our washer/dryer tandem. It almost feels like home! (where he spends most of his time in his shop under the house - only not in a crawl space.)

Spent the day scraping old paint off the west wall of the house. Ugh! My shoulders and biceps complain and the wall looks awful- devoid of white chipping paint - the grey cedar boards cry out for primer - soon, very soon! I have only two more walls to complete at the 9 foot level...then the scaffolding arrives so that I can do the higher aspects. Scrape, scrape, scrape!

The first killing frost arrives on the prairie most often by 20 September, so we have a bit of a rush on this painting. Paint doesn't like to dry when it is really cold outside.

Of course of greater importance is the furnace, which has not yet begun it's revitalization. Soon, very soon!

And yes, I'll take a photo or five and post very soon! Just found the cord that translates pics from my camera into pics on my mac..