Monday, September 14, 2009

Fog; Not a weather condition

The deep white stuff outside my window must be a figment of my imagination. There's a breeze. I always thought that fog and still air went together. Go figure.

Couldn't sleep last night. Was up from midnight til 2 a.m. Slept badly after that as well. Too much chocolate, methinks. But, my aching right shoulder may have had some responsibility.

Went looking for ibprophin to mitigate the discomfort. Found my computer and snood instead. Two hours later, I clicked the off button and snuggled into the back of my Aussie bloke who was cozy warm and sound asleep. Finally, I drifted off as well.

8 o'clock rising this morning to that furry white stuff that camouflages Stony Run and quiets the Canadian honking geese wading in the shallow waters.

The bloke was up and offered coffee! What a wonderment he is! Back downstairs lifting the house quarter inch by quarter inch. It might have been an easier job if accomplished prior to the arrival of washer/dryer, refrigerator, and stove to the kitchen add on.

When the wet air disipates, scraping continues. I paint tomrorow. to follow