Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday on the Prairie: Burke County

We are sleeping upstairs in the 100 year old farmhouse with a window beside the bed that faces east. Pink glows just above the trees surrounding the homestead about 6:30 a.m. these days. We both rise early to enjoy the full 15 hours of daylight, knowing that winter will bring us something closer to 15 hours of dark in the not too distant future.

No rest for this wicked couple. G power blasted the house yesterday after which I started scraping the old cedar in readiness for the first primer coat of paint next week.

Hard on the fingernails, but good for the spirit; this contemplation of a lovely new coat of paint. Pictures will follow as soon as at least one wall is finished.

The Canada geese were honking wildly as we arrived at the house on the slough; the ducks continued feeding off the bottom undisturbed by our arrival. I think that soon they will all grow accustomed to us and simply continue with their daily life no matter whether we are here or not very soon.

Yesterday, I discovered a most paisley frog jumping around the tall grass near a wheat field amongst the billions of grass hoppers. Before I climbed back into the ute, I followed his progress for a bit. Absolutely beautiful the way nature provides for itself.

Swainson's hawk has a nest in the copse of trees by the fairgrounds on the road between town and the farmhouse. Each time we pass, he takes flight. I suspect he is a fat old fellow with all the mice and frogs available for his afternoon tea.

Click on the title of this post for some pics of this lovely prairie.