Thursday, August 20, 2009

The morning of the first day!

Ah, woke to raptors hunting in the back paddock. Woke to morning coffee and laughter from our hostess in the kitchen. Woke to friends conversation over porridge and toast.

It's good to be back to the simple pleasures. I know you all think that North Dakota is somehow less complex than other spots on the map, but let me assure you that the colours, the skies, and even the folks who choose to live this rural lifestyle are just as complex, just as hot tempered, loving, and high on life as those of you in more urban environs.

So eat your hearts out, folks. Cause life here on the prairie so far..about five waking superb...and PODster..yes, we intend to be here in the winter where yes, we can see the horizon five miles distant. The first time I came here, dear friend, I cried several times a day at the beauty and clarity of this place.

Look up flights to Minot. We'll meet you at the airport.