Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Miles City, Montana

Well, here we are, about 300 miles from home, tomorrow maybe. Seems the Aussie bloke caught a cold from me. Now, he has never been a very cooperative patient, and on the road, less than ever. (Natch, I'm entirely cured - it always works that way).

So we pulled over at the first city with more than 500 residents, found a nicer than usual motel and bundled him under the covers for a long afternoon nap.

I went shopping for lunch. Our fav. sandwich shop is empty - exists no longer - so I headed for Safeway to pick up some luncheon meats to fill the sick Aussie's tummy. As you might imagine, my imagination did not coincide with his appetite. Seems he wants a piza later this evening. Piza with snotty sinus? You've got to be joking.

Unfortunately, he's not. So I'll be off in a bit to see what I can find to satisfy his appetite.

In the meantime, I jot you all this note while sipping on an Odwalla carrot juice and he softly snores in the background.

Hopefully tomorrow his mood will have improved and we can head out of Montana and onto the real prairie.

Catch you laters...love..