Monday, August 24, 2009

LIGHT SHOW - Dakota heavens open wide

I know, I know..I owe lots of you emails and here I am blogging before I jot notes.

We are off this morning to Minot (the big city) to buy new windows for the prairie house, so time on the machine is limited. Thot I might reach you all more quickly this way..will write more laters assuming we are home before I expire tonight. (Minot is 90 miles distant and we're shopping the big warehouse hardware store; it won't be a fast trip)

So, Light lie, it was a two hour long display of fireworks from the clouds - complete with sound effects to shake me awake. Finally, I roused myself enough to trundle downstairs to turn off the computers to avoid power surges wiping out entire hard drives. Noticed that the window above the living room (lounge) couch (settee) was open - lots of wet - all is dry this morning.

Just thot you might imagine flash bulbs at some grand opening for 'stars' meshing into a light show; multiply the effect by a million and you've got our enviro for the midnight prairie celebration. Charged would be the operative term.