Sunday, August 23, 2009

Furnishings - otherwise known as supporting the economy

It has been a delightful two days. On the advice of our friends, the Flaxton locals, G and I headed over to Powers Lake to buy a refrigerator, washer, dryer, and hot water heater at TRY OUR FURNITURE.

Wouldn't you know, even prairie folks don't keep in total contact with the goings on of their neighbors when those neighbors live thirty miles away. Hell, when I lived in the Los Angeles basin, I had no idea who lived 30 miles away. Here folks know ( even if they don't know the precise details).

Instead of appliances, we bought the most comfy fouton sofa and rocking chair I have ever squirmed onto. You'll not believe me (those of you who know me well) that the sofa has canoes, moose, bear, fish, and diamonds all in rows on a maroon and light brown background.

I don't even believe it! But there you are, Andrew, dear Labour Party President, I am in my element complete with flannel shirts and bears on my lounge room furniture! :)

We also bought a lamp table. Ya gotta have a place to put the light!

And why did we fail to purchase the appliances? The store stopped selling electrical appliances five years ago because after 9/11, the department of homeland security upgraded the road crossings between Canada and the USA - one of those crossings is at Portal, a once tiny community eight miles north and west of our home in Flaxton.

The entire prairie community in this part of the state found federal jobs at the border. You just can't beat government jobs - no matter in what hemisphere they exist. A couple of you will support me in this contention, I'm sure.

So, the owners of TRY OUR FURNITURE no longer had time to deliver and install those appliances - cause they were busy making America safe!!

And making a very good living!!!

Therefore, today, we travelled 40 miles in the opposite direction to Sherwood, also very close to the Canadian border(three miles south), but to the east. We bought a new refrigerator with bottom freezer compartment big enough to hold a quarter beef and all the flash frozen veges and ice cream we can stuff in there before the first snow flies, a new electric hot water heater - 50 gallons size( as though we have any idea how we will ever use up 50 gallons of hot water - maybe just soaking to keep warm when the temps reach -40 F.

We also bought a stacked washer/dryer so we can put it upstairs in the kitchen. I'll just turn it on in the early morning of one of those miserably cold mornings and crawl inside after taking a shower with all fifty of our gallons of hot water while my coffee sizzles on our new propane stove top.

So, we are close to becoming householders.

But, first, we have to take a nap. All this spending is tiring :)