Friday, August 28, 2009

3000 psi Power Water Blaster

Like the heavenly storm wasn't enough, we're about to rent a Power Water Blaster to blow all the old paint off the outside of the prairie house.

Beats sanding! My nails are happy about this decision. Hope the house doesn't much mind.

Went out and bought six gallons of paint thisarvo. Brick red for the trim and manhattan blue for the rest. With our blue roof, it ought to look neat, trim, and liveable.

Got to get with the program before the first snow flies. The house will take a week to dry off after being blasted and that puts us into a mid September application of the primer.

Windows ought to be here in two weeks. Appliances arrive tomorrow.

Computers are already installed - first things first!

So, I'm off on Tuesday next to pick up the rental in Stanley at Hanks Hardware Rentals in Stanley, only 40 miles away on dirt roads! Love the outback of Amerika.

click on the title to see pic of the sexy little beast! :)