Saturday, August 01, 2009

100 degrees in the Valley; Afternoon showers in our Sierra canyon

Yep, it's been warm in the Owens Valley of eastern California, only 100 miles from Death Valley. Yet we trek down the mountain 3000 feet in order to get our expresso and greet you all on line.

Yesterday, the rains fell at 3 pm as they have all but two days of our visit to Whitney Portal.

Thankfully, temps dropped and sleep snuck up on both of us; nap time! Only then I couldn't sleep last night. 3 a.m. and I was solving soduku puzzles with a flashlight until the mountain winds made me check outside to be sure the jr. black bear who uses our back terrace as a highway to the campground where goodies await hadn't stopped to check out our car. Oh, there are pics of what any little ole black bear can do to a vehicle...yikes!!

Hopefully, rain showers will come later on 9 August when we trek the mile to Wedding Rock to have a wilderness wedding scene with 18 of our good friends.

love you all..bye for now