Thursday, July 16, 2009

Three Days in America - face lifts and beige

Home again, home again, jiggidy jig~

I forgot. I always forget. Americans are so caught with first impressions, so dressed to impress, so fashionable. The French think they have the corner on that market - what the French have a corner on is the ability to look chic under all circumsances - smells aside, they do that well.

Americans - well every man, woman, child of them knows what is fashionable at any given point - the national religion - looking current. From nose lifts to eyebrow tucks to beige and black coordinates, they clone the current.

I forgot. I actually came home with a peach coloured shirt and blue shorts. Heaven forbid - Pat Boone - yeah, some of you remember him, I know. I am accused of dressing in the 70s - I accept my 50s leanings, but the empty headed poofed 70s - what a disappointment I must be to my gurls who have not forgotten what it means to have a mother with costumes -

Well, I don't have those any more - just peach shirts and blue - bright sunny blue - shorts for warm summer days.

In the meantime, my Aussie rescues us all with his blue and black plaid Scots shirt and his blue and grey stripped tie at the waist long pants! Love the Aussies. They really just can't be bothered.