Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cleaning and trekking in the rain!

Midweek American style - temps in the valley hover around 40C 100F and we sail on by to the highlands where 28C or 80F keeps us happy among the white pines and ponderosa.

Family arrives next week. Cabin is clean, new sheets on the beds, good food in the fridge; happiness pervades the world.

American ceremony at Wedding Rock with bush dinner afterwards for 20 long time friends and five of their children coming up.

All the world seems to be fitting neatly into the puzzle of my psyche.

I miss my Aussie blokes and blokettes! Wish you could all be with us.

I look forward to our Nordacotah neighbors with whom we will soon be at the dinner table.

Life is a celebration at the moment - shared with the awesome Aussie bloke who is becoming more American with each day - NO, just joking! He still talks without using his lips, entertains all with his crooked humour, and fixes everythiing within sight.

We all love him: I swear he is the gift I have brought to the Amerikans. He is certainly my gift when he returns from his early morning trek to the mountain canyons above the cabin. We share our Aussie brew and talk of the local critturs he has encountered - the junior very black bear with the brown nose, the ravens who keep him company as he enters the rocky uplands.

Hope the world works for each of you as well...