Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bad Knees – Try these

Exercises to strengthen the quads - results = stronger knees

Especially for those of us with osteoarthritis issues

Quadriceps refers to a four-part muscle that exists at the front of the thigh and the front of the shinbone, below the knee. Three exercises pertaining to it are described below.

Quadriceps strengthening contractions

* sit on a chair and extend legs
* heels must touch floor and knees must be straight
* tighten the thigh muscles and retain the state for a count of 10
* loosen the thigh muscles and retain the state for a count of 3
* perform 10 repetitions to complete 1 set
* perform 2 or 3 sets, many times in a day

Quadriceps strengthening leg lifts

* lie with the back on the floor
* bend the left knee at an angle of ninety degrees with the foot flat on the floor
* straighten the right leg and move it upwards till it reaches the height of the left knee
* retain the position of both the legs for a count of 3
* lower the right leg
* this procedure is to be repeated 10 times
* switch the legs
* increase upto 10 repetitions after some weeks

Quadriceps strengthening knee dips

* stand with the knees a little bent
* the toes and kneecaps must point straight ahead
* lift one leg and balance on the other
* move down and up by a few inches only
* the knees must point straight forward and not inward
* the body should be vertical and not turned to any side
* perform 10 dips for each leg
* if knees experience pain, decrease the number of dips