Thursday, June 11, 2009

Monochrome or Resplendent Colour

In the land down under, the neutral environment is mitigated by the resplendent birds that provide punctuation for a grey-green monochrome. Brilliant Rosellas, scrappy Rainbow Lorikeets, argumentative Kookaburras, brash Butcherbirds, thieving Magpies, diving Soldier Birds, screeching Cockatoos, silent Tawney Frogmouths, and lumpy Brush Turkeys cohabit in the Fig tree wilderness.

I note that my own most loved environment, the high wilderness of the Sierra Nevada of California, is also a pine-scented, shale-covered, monochrome. Can I grow to love the subtropical rain forest of Lamington National Park? Can I walk these trails forgetting the wicked leeches while enjoying the startling Red-bellied Black Snake in the middle of the track? Will I be able to treat the regal Bearded Dragon who guards my mail box on Mondays and the Lace Monitor Lizard who shows up on Wednesdays with the same wonder as I have the furry Marmots of the snow fields of the Sierra? Such an array of wildlife makes this new world a fascinating abode for a newcomer, and I haven't even mentioned the Golden Orb or the Huntsman