Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Love Letters

Here's a remark made in a conversation about the SC gov's recent trip to Argentina –

" It's too bad this had to happen in real life, because this all has the
makings of a smashing romance novel.


And here's my response –

It's because life does happen in real that romance novels attract so many readers. WE all know that someone out there is living all this angst and adventure - it's just not us at the moment..we read to keep hope alive!!

I listened to MSNBC read one of the emails. It was entirely universal. I've written that same email when I was "in love". I've received that same email when my men have been 'in love' with me.

What a wonderment to know that age has nothing to do with the 'falling' of falling in love - that obstreperous moment when we give up everything because the 'rutting' season has begun. How entirely like the other mammals we are!! I suppose the part that fascinates me the most about human beings is that 'season' does not end when fertility ends. Even the 'oldies' fall in love, act silly, and give up any pretension of sanity when 'desire' hits.

And all of my remarks above have nothing to do with my position about loyalty in relationships and my certainty that raising children needs to take precedence over one's 'animal instincts' - once one chooses a partner, one makes a commitment to the well being of the offspring.

None of which has anything to do with serving in political office. The part that is distasteful is that anyone actually thinks it makes any difference to one's ability to serve in political office. What's that all about?