Sunday, June 07, 2009

Headin North - meanwhile a gift comes your way

I'm always looking for new info to entertain and educate. It's impossible to take the teacher out of the old woman. There are so many aspects of the southern hemisphere that I had never given a moments thought to when I lived north of the equator. Part of me wants all my friends to enjoy the rich culture that exists in this part of the globe.

So, with that thought in mind, I want to recommend you check out the Skinnyfish Music website by clicking on the title to today's post.

The evocative music from the far north of Australia, music performed by teen agers and mature adults, is so entirely unlike any aboriginal music that you may have heard before. As an integral part of the World Music scene, it presents in English as well as in aboriginal languages a sense of place that intrigues, relaxes, and entertains.

The northern territory is one of the geographical areas of Oz that I have yet to experience. Next winter, for sure! You're welcome to join me. Come on down!! I hope you find as much pleasure in this fine music as I have.

Am thinking that I will bring some of the albums back with me. I know you will all enjoy them. When you reach the skinnyfish web page, just click on one of the bands listed on the left, sit back and be amazed.