Saturday, June 27, 2009

Finding a Publisher

Have spent the entire afternoon rearranging the chapters for Butcher Bird Blues, the American title for Lorraine's and my memoir – Coming to Oz.

The entire manuscript, all 380 pages (can you believe it?) has been sent to 8 Aussie publishers.

Now there is an American version with one additional chapter that begins in America instead of in Scotland. Phew! I have a couple of ideas for a new book, but it's really hard to start a new one til the first one is in print.

I know friends and relatives think me arrogant to assume that my first book even deserves to be printed, but there are so many delightful moments within those pages! Surely, someone would pay$14.00 to take a look.

Anyhow..just thot I'd share that angst with ya'll!

Be well..Saturday has been delightful..may all of you who still have it to look forward to find the same is true in your world.