Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two in one Day

The great wall of China is rapidly rising on a suburban lot three doors down from me here in inner city suburb Paddington.

Construction workers and the biggest crane I have ever seen on a residential street has just erected STARGATE on a lot the size of a postage stamp - maybe an international postage stamp, but small nonetheless.

No one in the neighborhood was forewarned about the girth of this renovation that takes up 9/10 of the lot on which the old Queensland worker's cottage used to stand.

It appears that rather than explain his true motivation - to overwhelm a simple little city street by building the Twin Towers - to the city council when applying for a renovation permit, the owner pretended it was about to be same ole, same ole. Cause no one was told! Which is unusual for this neighborhood that is full of primarily heritage listed Queensland colonial structures.

I understand the concept of upgrading, but this is more like up, up, and away grading.

Yep, you do understand, the view of the ridge line on the other side of the valley which has until today been seen through my office window will very soon be a view of somebody's bedroom. Urgh!..New York City, baby, we want to pretend we live in the Big Apple!