Sunday, May 03, 2009

Manuscript completed - 347 pages of it

OKD! Have sent out three query letters to USA agents to see if we can get this manuscript on the radar!

Wish us luck!! I do believe we may actually get published! Certainly, it's a tale worth telling and hopefully it's well enough told that someone will pay $15.95 for the opportunity.

Whew! Love you all. Autumn temps are cooling things down around skies at the moment, but we had a solitary cloud rain on us just a tad this strange to look out my window and see one cloud surrounded by blue skies -- raining on my non-parade..

I think it may be Mother's Day here in Oz..All my chillen is elsewhere, so as you can imagine, I really don't know..but the restaurant this early a.m. had an awful lot of reserved placards on the tables..

And Labour Day is tomorrow..parades for the labouring folks too many of whom are unemployed these days.

be ya all..